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((I’ll be honest I would be on atm but my computer hasn’t been fixed and I haven’t done my replies tbh so if I try on my phone it’ll just be a huge freaking mess so I would just like to say… Well read above xD))

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Ok I’ll admit, I’m the type of person who isn’t very comfortable in their own body. But that’s wrong of me. For you see, we are all different, unique and beautiful. So why should we be afraid of our own bodies? Our flaws? Our little quirks? Instead of fearing them we should accept them, embrace…

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((please bare with me))

((Now that I have computer rights back from my parents, I can be back online! If there’s no homework to do of course. The thing is that I seem to have gotten my computer in a……… long story. Technical difficulties. So I’m going to fix up my computer then try to be on tomorrow. Or when ever it’s done. Sorry about that! ILY! Sorry again for my absence.))  

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Hey Ghouls

So who wants to see a new Monster lurking out of the shadows and into stores next year? Well here’s your chance. Go to http://freakyfabulo.us/1sXDlB7 and vote for who should step into the spot light. The choices are,

  • Gory Fangtel

  • Finnegan Wake 

And lastly a backgrounder only seen in Scare-born Infection ((http://www.monsterhigh.com/en-us/videos/scare-born-infection)),

  • Quill Talyntino

Well get to voting ghouls. After all who wouldn’t want to see these monsters out and about? 

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((Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I honestly feel bad for just randomly leaving. I just hope everyone’s doing fine. Sorry I haven’t been able to RP and check up on you guys here and there. I just want to say, stay strong.))

Till next time I manage to get back on. Sweet dreams ghouls.

*waves goodbye* 

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First day of school ghouls.

Since this is my second year I know exactly what to expect. With my friends I know I’ll ease though just fine. Still I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous. I might just hide in the shadows until everyone seems to cool down. After all it’s the first day of school. Everyone must be overly excited. Well I got to go ghouls. Wish me luck. See ya later ghouls. 

((OK Twyla stop being so mellow I’m sooooooo nervous! But she’s got a point. She’s used to it. But I can relate to the friends thing. Oh well wish me luck!))

*raises eyebrow* 

((Fine US luck.)) 

*smiles* *disappears into the shadows* 

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I need to go for now, Howleen just called, she needs help with….. school outfits….. sounds like an emergency to me… *rolls eyes*

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